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WorkCover and other Regulators administer to the WHS (Work Health & Safety) Act 2011 and WHS (Work Health & Safety) Regulation 2011 and associated Codes of Practise. <<Read More>>

ISR Services Pty Ltd, as Safety Consultants, assist PCBU’s (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and Officers in WHS (Work Health & Safety) legal compliance and workplace safety.

ISR Services provides for the Employer and Company Director the solution for the WHS (Work Health & Safety) legal compliance and workplace safety in a unique WHS (Work Health & Safety) risk management program which includes all necessary WHS (Work Health & Safety) Policies, Systems and Procedures together with a Workplace Safety inspection and Hazards Identification Report which is tailored to the PCBU’s or Employers Workplace. This Workplace Safety Inspection Report provides remedial actions to reduce or eliminate hazards identified.

This Risk Management service assists Directors, Employers and Managers in WHS (Work Health & Safety) legal compliance Policies, Systems and Procedures.

This WHS (Work Health and Safety) consultant service provides safety solutions which include SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), SWMS’s (Safe Work Method Statements) and hazards, incidents and accidents reporting. It includes a WHS (Work Health & Safety) audit and WHS (Work Health & Safety) workplace safety inspection.

To ensure WHS (Work Health & Safety) compliance, the PCBU and officers are provided with legal documents by ISR Services including a WHS (Work Health & Safety) manual and WHS (Work Health & Safety) hazards identification and report. This WHS (Work Health & Safety) safety and legal compliance employer protection programme includes Workers Compensation and Employment Procedures and Practices guidance to control workers compensation premium loadings. WHS (Work Health & Safety) has replaced Occupational Health & Safety. Business owners and other PCBU’s have a Primary Duty of Care and must comply with the WHS (Work Health & Safety) legislation.

With our unique WHS (Work Health & Safety) Policies, Systems and Procedures we bring your workplace and you into legal compliance. We inspect your workplace to produce a Hazards Identification Report. We then assist you in arranging a WHS (Work Health & Safety) person for your business, and we assist that person in the implementation of your ISR Services, WHS (Work Health & Safety) Employer Protection Programme to drive it into your workplace.

This will enable you to meet your Primary Duty of Care as PCBU under the WHS (Work Health & Safety) Act 2011.

You will have legal compliance and workplace safety.